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More than a Loadshedding app

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ESP is your go-to source for local updates in South Africa. Since 2014, we've been helping communities tackle challenges with timely information on news and essential services like loadshedding schedules. With our Chats feature, you can be a community champion, keeping your neighbours informed.

Join over 10 million users who trust ESP for reliable updates. And best of all? It's free!

Stay connected, stay informed, and help your community with ESP.


EskomSePush wants customers to find their communities

With AskMyStreet, users can find out about hyper-local issues beyond power outages. And perhaps even find love in a hopeless place.

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Apps help build community dialogue, solve problems

EskomSePush is our ‘hobby’, says co-creator of load-shedding survival app

Dan Southwood-Wells on the challenges of helping SA ‘get through the dark times’ and the story behind this handy app’s cheeky name

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Eskom’s what? That’s the question many South Africans raised when two bright sparks created the famed smartphone app.

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EskomSePush founders share success story

The app is currently sitting at number one on the iOS app store for most downloaded apps in SA.


How do I delete a suburb on ESP?

In ESP go into Settings and then look for Manage Areas.

How do I find my area on ESP?

If you allow the location permission the app shows recommended areas nearby. Or use Chat in the app to find your location.

Why don't you have a web app?

Push Notifications work better on apps. It's our thing

How do I advertise on ESP?

You can use Targeted Placements for the ESP app using Google Ads.

Can I have access to the ESP API?

Yes we have an API for Business Internal and Personal use. Subscribe to EskomSePush API

Do you have the Loadshedding History?

Yes. We have the history of the national load shedding stages for the last +5 years: loadshedding history.
Let us know how you use it.